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A Luxurious Experience

Have you really experienced the exorbitant power of your cup? The power to travel the world through each blend, the power to form new bonds and the power to make lasting memories with each sip.


We, at The Tea Story, promise to revolutionize the tea industry and to deliver an extra-ordinary tea experience. Our luxuriously handcrafted teas cultivate vibrant tea-experiences filled with a culture of warmth and love. We aspire to infuse the magnanimous energy of tea through our rich and exclusive flavors into your everyday lives.


A Sip of Culture & Love


A proudly Singaporean brand, our tea story was founded on the principle of delivering finest qualities of organic and loose-leaf teas globally to create an unparalleled tea experience and to cherish the unforgettable bonds formed over a cup of tea.


Our artisanal selections create thousands of tea-stories around the globe, originating from the world’s finest tea estates and ending in your memories. 



Preserving the Artisanal Tea Flavors


With our sustainability promise and our embryonic passion of tea, we are strongly committed in empowering and supporting our single-estate farmers.


At the finest, scenic, and serene high mountainous single-estate tea farms, our farmers carefully hand-pick tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, lie them down on a fabric to wither, twist and select the perfect batch of freshest qualities of teas.


Our tea leaves undergo a natural process of drying and oxidizing before being induced with an assortment of rich and unique flavor. The real artistry begins at this point; our magically talented tea blending sommeliers create quintessentially rich, unique, and exotic tea blends just for you! The blends are then carefully crafted into our luxurious pyramid tea bags to ensure authenticity and richness, forming a connection of taste with every sip you take!


Harnessing our Tea Values



Preserving the love that springs out of our organic tea leaves for an elated tea experience. 



Promising exclusivity with every flavor; Be it the aroma, the organic blend, or the emotion it stirs, it is all about the exclusiveness. 



Maintaining consistency in our handcrafted artisanal blends is the essence of our brand. A gap of years, countries and continents cannot affect our quality and flavor consistency.


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